About PocketNote

What is PocketNote?

PocketNote is a question and answer site with a goal of helping founders and entrepreneurs find thoughtful, succinct answers to their startup questions. 

Who is behind PocketNote?

PocketNote was started by 2 serial entrepreneurs – Craig Zingerline & Fabian Geyrhalter – who have experienced the ups and downs, successes and failures of startup life. 

How do I ask a new question?

Visit our Ask a Question page to post new questions. Once your question is submitted, the PocketNote editors will review and will publish at our discretion.

How do I answer questions?

Are you an expert? At this time we are working with a very small, very experienced group of founders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and ask and answer questions. If you would like to contribute to the answers side of PocketNote, contact us and send us a quick blurb about you, your LinkedIn profile, and why you want to help.

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